How To Increase Domain Authority Is It a Google Ranking Factor?

How to Increase This Score?

Getting Your Blog Or Website As High Up The Search Engine Results Pages As Possible Is Essential For Building A Successful Brand. However, There Are Occasions When You Are Unsure Of How Well Your Website Is Truly Performing. Even If You Believe You Are Following All The Necessary Procedures, Your Website Still Doesn’t Appear As High In Search Results As You Had Intended.

In This Situation, You May Check Your Domain Authority (da) To Discover How People See Your Website. A Site’s Performance In Search Engine Results Can Be Determined By Its Domain Authority, Which Is A Factor In Search Engine Rankings.

What Is Domain Authority?

You May Use The Domain Authority (da) Ranking Statistic To Foretell Your Website’s Performance In Search Engine Results. It Was Established By Moz And Gives Websites A Score Between 1 And 100. Therefore, Having A High Score Increases The Likelihood That Your Website Will Do Well On Search Engine Results Pages (serps).

Another Way To Think About Domain Authority Indicates Your Website’s Relevance To Your Sector Or Subject. Additionally, You May View Your Domain’s Strength Or Authority In Rankings. However,

There Is A Tiny Difference Between Domain And Page Authority, So Don’t Confuse Them. Your Complete Domain’s Ranking Strength Is Indicated By Domain Authority. While Page Authority Examines A Page’s Potential To Rank In Search Results.


What Does a Good Domain Authority Score Mean?

A Variety Of Variables Determines Domain Authority. However, Websites Like Google, Apple, Or Microsoft Will Have A High Da Between 95 And 100. However, If Your Website Is Young, Your Da Will Be Low.

Additionally, You Should Be Aware That A Da Between 20 And 30 Is Simpler To Increase Than One Between 70 And 80. Consider These Ranges To Classify What Constitutes A Good Domain Authority:

  • Below 30 Is Considered Bad.
  • Below Average Is 30 To 40.
  • On Average, 40 To 50.
  • Good Range: 50 To 60
  • 60 To 70 Is Excellent.
  • 80 And Above Is Great

what is a good domain authority score

A Good Domain Score Is Between 60 To 70, Google Also Considers It To Be A Trust And Good Authority Website, Read This Post Till The Last And You Will Get More Information Thank You.

It’s Crucial To Keep In Mind That Da Aids In Predicting How Well Your Website Will Fare In Search Results. Therefore, It Is Preferable To Utilize It To Compare Your Website To Others In Serps Before Attempting To Raise Your Da To Rank Higher.

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How To Increase Your Domain Authority?

You Should Remember That Increasing Your Website’s Domain Authority Is A Long-term Approach As You Get Started. Here Are Some Strategies For Raising Your Site’s DA:

  • Obtain Quality Backlinks From Reputable Websites

As You May Have Seen, Backlinks Are Essential For Determining Domain Authority. In Addition, One Of The Two Most Significant Ranking Variables Is The Number Of Backlinks. According To A Survey By Ahrefs

55.24% Of Websites Receive No Organic Traffic Because They Lack Backlinks. You Must Have High-quality Backlinks, Especially If You Want Your Site To Rank Well

There Are Several Techniques To Build Backlinks And Improve Your Link Profile.

  • Make content that is worth linking to.

The Second Strategy To Raise Your Domain Authority Is To Provide Great Content That Attracts Links. In Any Case, If Readers Find Your Writings Useful, They’ll Start To Spread The Word.

You Can Receive Backlinks From Highly Authoritative Websites, Such As Universities And Government Agencies. Additionally

You’ll Strengthen Your Root Domains With Links From Various Websites. All Of Which Will Help You Get A High Da.

  • Check Your Website And Remove Unwanted Links

Poor Links Might Do More Harm Than Good, Even If Inbound Connections Are Essential For Your Website’s Da And Ranks. Your Website’s Domain Authority May Suffer If You Link To Spammy Websites. Google Can Even Penalize You Under Certain Circumstances.

You Should Check Your Website For Hazardous Connections And Eliminate Them As Soon As You Find Them To Prevent Them From Happening. You May Utilize Several Seo Tools To Find Problematic Links By Looking Through Your Website’s Complete Link Profile.


You Should Remember That You Do Not Influence Your Site’s Domain Authority. All You Can Do Is Arrange The Components Correctly Such That Your Da Rises Continuously. Another Thing To Remember Is That Increasing Domain Authority Takes Time And Won’t Happen Immediately. Create A Long-term Plan And Employ Our Covered Ideas To Raise Your Da.

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